Voters Hold GOP Accountable for Anti-Health Care Agenda


November 7, 2018

Contact: Kathy Melley, (617) 791-0708

(BOSTON, MA) – Statement of Diane Felicio, interim executive director of the Community Catalyst Action Fund, regarding the 2018 election results.

“Yesterday, voters resoundingly spoke in favor of access to and equity in health care. In a rebuke to the GOP, the electorate returned Democrats to the majority in the House based largely on their track record of fighting to protect and improve health care. In another win for consumers, voters approved three ballot initiatives to expand Medicaid and elected a number of governors committed to closing the Medicaid coverage gap in their state.

“Voters also were not persuaded by the GOP’s 11th hour conversion to protecting people with pre-existing health conditions—a commitment entirely at odds with their incessant efforts to eliminate the consumer protections and slash the financial assistance made available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Today marks a pivotal turning point in our long efforts to ensure that people across America have access to quality affordable health care. We urge leadership in Congress to move forward an agenda that that lowers costs, increases access, and improves quality as well as shifts the health care debate away from cynical efforts to undermine people's health care.

“Community Catalyst Action Fund and the larger health justice movement stand united and ready to organize, activate, and mobilize to protect the health and health care of all people across the nation.”


About The Community Catalyst Action Fun

The Community Catalyst Action Fund (CCAF) is committed to ensuring consumers are actively engaged in the decision-making that shapes our health system. That means providing consumer advocates with the support they need to participate fully and directly in the creation and implementation of laws affecting their access to quality care. It also means ensuring candidates’ positions on health care issues are clear and understandable so that the public can make informed choices.