New National Ad Campaign Goes On Offensive In Support Of Affordable Care Act As Second Enrollment Period Ends

Quarter Million Dollar Ad Campaign Will Highlight Benefits Of Landmark Law; Pushback At Misinformation

BOSTON—Today, the Community Catalyst Action Fund will launch a $250,000 national advertising campaign to highlight the powerful positive impact the Affordable Care Act is having on the lives of Americans and pushback against misconceptions of the law.

The ads, which will air on NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, feature the story of Julie Adams, a musician, aunt and breast cancer survivor from Nashville, Tennessee. Through health coverage she accessed through the Affordable Care Act, Julie’s cancer was diagnosed early and successfully treated. Julie wouldn’t have been able to afford the care she needed without this coverage. Affordable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act saved her life, and Julie will always remember that – especially when she votes.

You can see the TV ad here:

“Americans have not had enough opportunity to hear personal stories like Julie’s. The public conversation about the Affordable Care Act has been dominated by politics not substance, fueled by a constant barrage of attacks by its opponents,” said Robert Restuccia, executive director of the Community Catalyst Action Fund. “It’s important for people to understand what’s at stake for Julie and millions of Americans who have gained life-saving health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act if Congress repeals the law.”

For 20 years, Julie Adams was afraid of getting sick and having no health insurance.  Thanks to coverage and free preventive care through the Affordable Care Act, her cancer was caught early and treated. Without that quality, affordable health coverage, Julie says she wouldn’t be here with her husband, able to what she loves—play in their band and watch her nieces grow up.

“I’ll always remember how affordable health care saved my life,” said Julie Adams. “If Congress tries to take that away, I’ll remember that, too.”

Thus far, more than 16 million Americans have enrolled in quality, affordable coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Congress has already voted more than 50 times to repeal or dismantle the Affordable Care Act.


About the Community Catalyst Action Fund

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