Doug Jones’ Election Signals That Americans Want Health Care Progress



Kathy Melley, Community Catalyst Action Fund, (617) 791-0708

(BOSTON) – Statement from Robert Restuccia, executive director of the Community Catalyst Action Fund, regarding the election of Doug Jones (D-AL) to the U.S. Senate

 “Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama signals, without question, that Americans want health care progress, and they are willing to use their votes to elect candidates who share these values. As the people of Alabama elected the first Democrat to the Senate in nearly three decades, last night offered a harsh rebuke of the “repeal and replace” political rhetoric iterated repeatedly by the right for the last seven years. Jones ran a campaign rooted in support of policies that have a proven record of expanding access to health care, including the Affordable Care Act, DACA and guaranteed reproductive rights.

“Not only that, but the Republican National Committee was willing to set aside documented instances of Roy Moore’s racism, homophobia and xenophobia, as well as disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors so Republicans in Congress could continue to push their party-line legislative efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and roll back Medicaid funding. Polls continue to show that health care is at the top of people’s concerns, and research continues to uncover the disparities that exist because of social determinants of health. The RNC showed pushing a partisan agenda was more important than the safety and dignity of marginalized people, and voters in Alabama answered. Last night offered a first-of-its-kind referendum on policies that harm our elected officials’ constituents, and proved that those of us fighting for progressive health care reform have momentum on our side.

“Lastly, thank you to the advocates in Alabama, especially communities of color, who made this victory possible by mobilizing unprecedented numbers of voters for this historic special election. We hope we can unite to build on that momentum and make our voices heard in our fight to defend health care for millions, including defeating the Republicans’ dangerous tax bill, which could come to a final vote in the next week.”


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