New Ad Campaign Shows Devastating Impact of GOP Health Care Repeal Bill on American Families

June 18, 2017

Kathy Melley
Community Catalyst Action Fund
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BOSTON, MA—On Monday, June 19, the Community Catalyst Action Fund will launch a seven-figure radio and television advertising campaign to urge U.S. Senators to vote “no” on the Senate Republican health care bill scheduled for a vote later this month.

The ad campaign will highlight the damage the bill would inflict on Americans of all ages, particularly low-income children and seniors in need of long-term care.

“The Senate is working in secret and rushing to pass a bill that will closely mirror the AHCA passed by the House, which strips care from 23 million people, raises costs for millions more and punishes kids, seniors and people with disabilities through steep cuts to Medicaid,” said Robert Restuccia, executive director of the Community Catalyst Action Fund. “We think it’s critical that Americans across the country understand what’s at stake for them and their families if the U.S. Senate passes this bill.”

The TV ads, which will air over the next two weeks in Alaska, Maine, Nevada and West Virginia, feature a mother with a child who has asthma, a chronic health condition that requires a lifetime of treatment and frequent visits to the doctor. If the GOP bill passes the Senate, that family could face skyrocketing premiums or annual caps on coverage that could make health insurance unaffordable, forcing impossible choices.

You can see the TV ad here.

The radio ads, which will air in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada and West Virginia, and digital ads are part of the “Keep Care at Home” campaign that will also include events in each state. “Keep Care at Home” will highlight the harm that proposed Medicaid cuts would cause for families who rely on home care so their loved ones can live independently in their homes instead of being forced into a nursing home.

You can listen to the radio ad here.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the American Health Care Act would cause 23 million people to lose health care coverage. The bill’s radical restructuring of Medicaid would shift billions in new costs onto states, cripple rural hospitals and undermine coverage for children with special health care needs, people with disabilities and seniors who need help to stay in their own homes. Nearly 27 million Americans on employer plans could face annual limits on their care, and 1 million jobs could be cut if the bill becomes law.


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