About Us


The Community Catalyst Action Fund (CCAF) is committed to ensuring consumers are actively engaged in the decision-making that shapes our health system.

That means providing consumer advocates with the support they need to participate fully and directly in the creation and implementation of laws affecting their access to quality care. It also means making sure that that candidates’ positions on health care issues are clear and understandable so that the public can make informed choices.

What We Do

We focus on stories--the stories of consumers and the story of policy.

We provide consumer advocates with the support they need to participate in policy decisions that affect their access to quality health care--including educating consumers on the impact that policymakers can have on health care so they can make informed choices.

Past Successes

Creation of consumer-friendly health insurance Exchanges:

  • CCAF helped advocates mobilize for more consumer-friendly Exchanges in California, Colorado, New York, and Oregon. CCAF also supported consumer efforts in Washington state to pass a law that creates an Exchange and gives the state the option to implement a Federal Basic Health Plan (BHP). This option, if the legislature moves forward with it, would offer more affordable coverage options to low-income residents, and lead up to 15,000 Washingtonians, who would have been otherwise uninsured, to obtain coverage.

Shaping media coverage of presidential primary candidates’ health care stances:

  • Support from CCAF enabled organizers to train and bring citizens who benefitted from the ACA to public events where they asked candidates pointed questions about their opinion of the law; they received national coverage on CNN, MSNBC, ABC News as well as local press coverage in the Nashua Telegraph, the Boston Globe, and the Concord Monitor.

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